Lie Awake

by Noble Pedro

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released October 21, 2015

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Max Grazier

Recorded in the practice rooms in 150 and 160 at Berklee College of Music

Noble Pedro is:

Max Grazier - Guitars, Vocals
Cole Szilagyi - Guitars
Brandon Lin - Bass, Trombone
Sam Robbins - Drums

Cover Art graciously by Jack Chace



all rights reserved


Noble Pedro Boston, Massachusetts

Noble Pedro is:

Max Grazier
Cole Szilagyi
Brandon Lin
Rex Brockelman

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Track Name: Waiting
I sit and watch the rain fall
Two eyes alone in my head
They tell each other stories
About a time when when it was all about to end

Walking rain and spitting steps
The porch continues its break
From me
Won't you slay to stay night
How you've entered my frosted window pane

Simply put
Happen when
You let them in

And I once said to another man
"What the point in change, if you're already glad?"

So let them in
Have them stay
Shake the weight
You give them

Never mind the fate
Never mind the look
Shout with all your heart
Shout with all you got!

Let me out!
Of your cage
Let me out!
Of your cage
Track Name: Oliver
When you find out your lost
For the first day of June
Your stuck in nowhere
Tin vinyl blues
Plays the last guy who opened there
Maybe he hold the ties back
For you
He knows it
Maybe doesn't show it

Isolated in youth
He won't show the truth

Stick with me Oliver
Track Name: Memories
You never let me guess
How I could be the best
In recalling you
Scar the words
Don't forget
Without you it's hard to live

And let me guess
Your feeling
Let me guess
You might be down
Scar the words
Don't forget
Without you it's hard to live

Lie awake
Step into the moon light
Step with both feet
Meet me on the other side

Lie awake with me
Track Name: September
Why don't we get together
Write our stories as we grow I guess
Why don't we all remember
How to love before it breaks
On the table
Turned upside
Sitting right wing
Never suicide
Catch me
When I'm falling
Let me lay beneath
Your eyes

All I need is you
Help me be yours too

And all I want from you
I swear i won't be selfish
If anything I'm yours to be true

All I want is you